August 12, 2022



Can you believe that half of 2022 is over?  Before we blink again, summer will be over, and we’ll prepare for winter; blink again, and Christmas shopping starts.  As we all reflect on the past six months, we’re really proud of everything we have achieved.  With Teresa and Chantelle joining our team, we have included aesthetic beauty services, reflexology and Reikki in our Spa offering.  We have improved our booking platform and increased our loyalty offering.  We launched our own in-house printed magazine, had an incredible summer soiree launch, and our new website has landed.  It has everything all in one beautifully curated space.  You can view our full menu of services, get to know our team members, book your next appointment and catch up with past newsletters.  So click on the link below and dive straight in.

What do the next 6 months hold for us?  Our team is growing, so keep your eye out for the inside scoop on this.  We have one or two events up our sleeve and some great package specials.  Our own online store is coming soon where you can shop everything GLOSS in the comfort of your home.  In addition, plans are underway to expand our product offering and treatment menu.  We stay up-to-date on industry developments, training and trends as a team.  We are committed to providing you with five-star service, the highest level of treatment, and beautiful creations with spectacular results.  

Here’s to sharing many more journeys with you.

Marc & Agnieszka


You can always have a good hair day with ghd.  But the Pink Collection is special because it supports Breast Cancer and its partnership with Breast Cancer.  Their combined mission is to empower young women worldwide to regularly check their breasts.  Their newest collection features the ghd platinum+ hair straightener, ghd gold® hair straightener, ghd glide hot brush and ghd helios™ hair dryer in vibrant orchid pink, emblazoned with an important message to ‘Take Control Now’ – giving you a friendly reminder to self-check, EVERY SINGLE MONTH.  ghd will also be donating £250,000 to support Breast Cancer Now and The Irish Cancer Society.  At Gloss, we’re proud to be a Premier Retailer.  The entire range is available at Gloss.  Every purchase will give you a complimentary tutorial to get the absolute best out of your product.


Why this facial?

It’s the time of the year when you feel that Summer may make your skin seem drenched in oil most of the time. In addition, over-exfoliation and washing it often may cause dryness and invite redness to your face. These factors make the summer season a tricky time for your facial skin. To reap skincare benefits and make your face radiant, we believe that Ultimate Go & Glow Booster facial is your go-to option at this time of the year. The benefits of this facial are endless, but we promise you that you will see the difference with

  • An enhanced skin complexion
  • Your skin will feel plumper and hydrated
  • It will reduce discolouration
  • Redefining your pores
  • Your skin will be rejuvenated with a boost of much-needed energy

Be prepared to look radiant with a super healthy glow. Book yours for £65 (usually listed at £79).


Create and design your own unique treatment journey with over £100 in savings.  Choose the treatments that work for your regime and budget, and ensure that you’re set to take on the rest of this year.


Summer is designed with a choice of the following:

  • Wash, cut and blow dry
  • A choice of colour or tint (full head)
  • Golden glow facial
  • Bio gel manicure and pedicure
  • Semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions



Summer is designed with a choice of the following:

  • Back or travel massage
  • Full leg or half leg wax
  • HD Brows
  • Spray tan
  • Bikini wax
  • Bio gel manicure
  • Eyebrow wax and tint
  • Wash & blow dry


You have no excuse to hide those toes away in closed toe shoes at this time of the year. Grab the sandals girl.  Our dream team, Agnieszka and Sally, are your go-to girls to ensure those perfectly manicured toes can show themselves in any shoes. So whether it’s a glitzy pair of Manolo Blahniks or your comfy Birkenstocks, you need to show them off while you can and before we have to put them back into thick thermal socks. So let’s take advantage of this beautiful weather and allow them to be free.

We love our partnership with Bio Sculpture and their tranquil Spa treatment range, which is included in all our pedicures. Inspired by nature, the SPA range is specially blended and formulated to exfoliate, hydrate, protect and soften the skin and cuticles. In addition, products are infused with Essential nutrients to rejuvenate the health and beauty of your skin, nails and toenails. Complete the treatment with a Gel Application, and your toes will twinkle all month long. If you have a toenail and you’re embarrassed about it. You are not alone. The new Biosculpture No Glue Tip application may be the solution to ensure that your toes are all lined up.

There’s a saying that women are like fingers and toes because they’re easy to count on. So count on us to make you feel like the goddess you are.


Tell us a little about you.

I love time with my friends and family and enjoy the outdoors. But, I cannot sit still for long.  So, my self-love treat is getting a lovely head massage conditioning treatment and somebody else to blow dry my hair.

Why did you choose to become a hairdresser?

I love creativity and making people feel great. So my strongest passions are wrapped into one job.

What is your favourite treatment to do?

I absolutely love a hair transformation. Doing colour changes and restyle makeovers.

Do you have a funny “chair” story to share?

I had a client go into labour whilst in the chair. It wasn’t funny at the time but reflecting, what are the chances?

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not looking after other people’s hair?

I am a Plant-Aholic. I am passionate about creating a beautiful outside space to relax and enjoy with my people.


Ageing is a fact of life.    Looking your age is not.    In its simplest description, we’re human, and ageing is a biological process.    It happens with anything living, a piece of fruit, a flower, an animal, or a person.    Think about it.    What happens to a piece of fruit or flower when it gets old?    Their appearance changes drastically from vibrant and supple to the opposite.    The fruit rots and decomposes, and the flower withers and does the same.    This is the ageing process.    Whilst we can not change the function or natural course of life, we can change the rate at which it happens and how we care for it and embrace it.    We can make immediate changes today!    The obvious choices are more sleep, better eating habits, taking our vitamins and supplements, exercise and protecting our skin.    Simple tweaks will naturally slow down the ageing process.  

At Gloss, we believe in the journey.    Our resident Aesthetician, Theresa, is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on preventing and reversing the ageing process in a natural, painless way.    We’re not talking about injecting chemicals here or painful procedures with days of downtime.    We’re talking about quick and easy treatments that put all the natural goodness back into your skin to help you maintain your natural, youthful glow.    Some of us are terrified at the thought. That’s why we have live demos each week where you can see and understand the treatment process.    We also know that it’s not a sprint to get there. It’s a journey.    We are so passionate about what we do. We believe in the results and want you to understand what’s available and your choices. Knowing this, we decided not to charge for your initial skin consultation so that you can understand how to retain a youthful glow.  

This month Theresa is offering all GLOSS clients a BioRePeel C13.  This incredible treatment, usually £120 a session, is on offer for £100, including skin preparation, an extraction peel and hydrating mask, and a complimentary shoulder massage. So let’s walk the journey and grow younger together.


When the seasons change, the energy frequency of our body (known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as QI, can become disrupted, these adjustments can have a negative impact on the body, and we can experience illness from a lower immune system, ebbs in energy and general feelings of being out of sorts and unbalanced.

Whilst we can’t control Mother Nature’s seasonal changes, we can control how we manage our holistic health towards it. So be prepared and be one step ahead of seasonal change and how it might affect you. Bringing your body, mind and spirit back into balance with a beautifully deeply relaxing Reiki-infused Reflexology treatment.

The benefits of reflexology are applying pressure and massage to the feet by working on each reflex point that corresponds to all organs and systems in the body. As a result, they can be stimulated or calmed to encourage a return to optimal health.

  • Works with the central nervous system
  • Reduces pain by reducing stress and improving your mood
  • Keeps the body’s vital energy flowing (QI)
  • Reflexology enables your body to heal and repair itself

We are so excited to have this treatment on our Spa Menu. We want you to understand the treatment and the benefits, so we have introduced a first-time new patient offering. Book your first treatment at the special introductory offer of £45 and experience the benefits of harmonising the body physically and energetically.

T&C’S – Special introductory offer only applies to new patients first visit


It’s time to share the love, and we are all about sharing it with you. We know we like to keep all our beauty shenanigans top secret, but why not share it with your bestie?

Introduce a new friend to GLOSS, and each of you will receive 50% off a wash, cut and blow dry.  Now that’s worth sharing the love for.

T&C’s Apply:  One promotion per client. Offer only valid Mon – Fri, from Aug – Oct ’22 inclusive.


Just a little reminder that you don’t need to sit behind your desk and feel frazzled. Why not use this heat wave to spend some cool time with us?  
Our Salon and Spa is fully airconditioned and promises to keep you cool all day long.  With our high-speed Wi-Fi, you can work while we do, ensuring everybody’s happiness.
We will keep you hydrated with cold lemon water and delicious nibbles of summer fruit.  Multi-tasking all in one cool place.




We are always committed to providing you with the best skincare and beauty experience possible. That’s why we are redefining our offerings, researching the latest treatments and solutions, and actively sourcing a team of talented medical aestheticians to share your skin journey.

During this transformative phase, we are not taking bookings, as we want to ensure that the new services and experiences we’re crafting are explicitly tailored to your needs. We appreciate your patience and support as we work diligently behind the scenes.

Stay tuned for the big reveal! We’ll return soon with a new offering and journey designed just for you. We can’t wait to embark on this exciting skincare adventure together.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your skincare goals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction and well-being remain our top priority.

Thank you for being a valued member of our community.


Our spa is built by an established and experienced team, delivering treatments that SIMPLY WORK!  Our skin specialists work with Environ, one of the world’s leading skin care treatments.  Environ products are based mainly on vitamins A, C and E and highly effective antioxidants: this combination delivers perfect results.

We are now offering FREE parking with any set of highlights, tint or beauty treatment over two hours at the Ellice Road car park

facial treatments - Dermalogica, Environ & Temple Spa

All Gloss beauty therapists have undergone specific training with the International Dermal Institute, specialists in their field; they provide a unparalleled level of expertise.

Nouveau lashes, semi-permanent eyelash extensions

Eye treatments


HD Brows specialist

Hair removal - Lycon hot wax

We offer a complete premium waxing system that is designed to make your waxing treatments easier, virtually pain free. Superb results guaranteed. Lycon wax truly removes hairs as short as 1mm.

Hair removal - standard strip wax

Body tanning

Rejuvenation for your hands & feet

Male treatments

Deposits: Deposits may be required at the time of booking-all treatments and services over the value of £65

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please let us know before 5pm the day prior to your appointment. Where notice is not given, 50% of your appointment fee will be charged and the account must be settled before any further bookings can be made. Frequent cancellations will result in full advance payments being taken for new bookings.

hair services

Gloss is proud of our technical expertise.  Scroll down to discover the full menu of hair services that we offer.  We specialise in all aspects of colour with Oway.  Our stylists are categorised according to their level of seniority.  This is achieved via a regular training and testing programme and is reflected in our pricing structure.  All prices include a full consultation, refreshments, and the use of carefully selected Oway products and treatments to suit your hair type.
We are now offering FREE parking with any treatment over two hours at the Ellice Road car park.


Senior stylist

Hair Up

Junior stylist






Balayage also Known as “Ombre “comes from the French word, meaning shading, this technique originated in Paris in the 1970s The shimmering, natural-looking effect creates a natural highlighted look Balayage creates random highlights painted on by hand in a sweeping motion from the root to the tip of the hair which means they grow out without developing a discernible dark root. A”dip- dyed “or sun kissed look can be created . This balayage style technique can be adapted to suit any age or style, and is ideal for low maintenance, yet couture colour. You can achieve so many different effects from soft, natural highlights to something strong and individual.

Please ask your Stylist about these Specialist colouring Techniques and Products.


Gloss Smoothing System

With our Gloss Smoothing System, you will get 100 days of frizz-free, easy to manage, healthy, shiny, smooth hair. With this revolutionary smoothing treatment, you will get amazingly smooth, frizz-free, glossy, easy to manage hair. If you are one of the 86% that suffers from either dry, damaged, frizzy or unruly hair, then this is the solution.

Hair Extensions with Beauty Works

We are an officially registered stockist of Beauty Works hair extensions. We feel the research and development that has gone into Beauty Works is far superior than other products on a market, so ‘express your individuality with dimensional colour, length and volume’.